Ethan's Room

So that no one had to give up their bedroom, we gave up our study! I should have taken a complete "before" picture, but I didn't remember until the painter was on his way. So the desk and bookshelves are left, and the room is just waiting to be painted yellow...Ethan's favorite color! Dad got the desk and we got bunkbeds! I have been given so many things...books, toys, motorized cars, clothes...you name it, I've got friends that have passed it along! Now we just need Ethan!

Dossier To China...YEA!

FINALLY...all of our paperwork is ready to go to China! What a time consuming process...get it done, certify it, authenticate it, screw it up and do it again! :) Thank the Lord for Erin...she is my Go To Guru for Adoptions! We were logged in on 9/28, so now we wait! Pray they approve us soon!

First Day of School

First Day Of School...Jessica, Cameron, Felicia, Ryan and Maloy. I cannot believe how time flies! Cameron is starting her Sophomore year and Maloy is a Junior!

Beach 2010

Our annual beach trip before school starts....I am always so looking forward to this relaxing time! Madeline was at Sailing Camp in North Carolina and Michael was with his friend in Myrtle Beach...so Maloy brought her friend Hannah, and Cameron's boyfriend's family came for the week. Here are the girl's in the car...ready to get there!

Cameron LOVED playing with the kids...she kept asking when Ethan was coming so she can dig with him!

We celebrated Victor's sister Isa's 9th birthday on Tuesday. Emma (my neice) was her birthday surprise guest. There was a lot of pot-banging, which I'm sure the neighbor's loved, and some yummy flank steak. We all had a great time!

Cameron and Victor...too bad they don't look that good in a bathing suit!

Hannah, Cameron and Maloy

I have a picture of the girl's walking to the beach EVERY year since they were 2 and 4. Of course, when I say "Time for the beach picture!" They're like "Come on mom this is SO embarrashing!" But they do it. This year, they shocked me and held hands!