Results of our shopping spree
(no, that is not a Playboy Bunny bag! :-)
I love the Academy Awards! Did I say I love them? Because I love them! They were on Monday morning in China and I would like to inform the Academy...that's not really a convenient time for me! Maloy kept texting me that Mila's dress was so pretty or Sandra looked beautiful! FInally, I found a channel that was covering them. Got to watch the stars arriving, but then it was off to the Medical Examination to check Ethan's TB test. Oh well...come on Collin Firth...you got this!
Whenever I've had a TB test, you couldn't even see the mark the next day. Ethan's arm, however, had a red circle where he was injected. I was a little worried, but after they measured it, he was fine...

yea Ethan!
Saved us 198 yuan on the xray! The Exam office was CRAZY...but Aron got us in and out in approximately 20 seconds flat!

We left the Island and went to a large outdoor and indoor shopping area...kind of like Times Square. We found a few souvenirs for the kids, some Chinese clothes for our little Emperor, some short sleeve shirts for Mike (because it's so warm here), more Disney videos and a Chinese dress for me. A successful day!

We are so tired of eating out, so we ordered room service and stayed in for lunch. Our most relaxing meal since we ate with Ethan at New Day.

Future Builder

You know my flat iron broke on like my 3rd day here, so I've been having the big hair thing going on. The humidity in Guangzhou is only making it worse. Imagine Monica from Friends when they went to Hawaii...or Troy Palamano in the Head & Shoulders commercial. Anyways, you get the picture. That's why it's been in a pony tail everyday. Today I went to the hair salon to get it blow dryed. Yea...flat hair again!

Last night we tried a different restaurant in the hotel...similiar looking to Rain Forest cafe. We thought...let's get Ethan a happy meal and that way he can eat immediately upon sitting and we can relax. That went well...NOT! We weren't that hungry, so we ordered a soup and fried rice to share, and a bottle of wine. 4 hours later...just kidding...we got to eat. When Mike paid the check, the lady asked if we would fill out a survey. On overall satisfaction, Mike put 3 (scale of 1 to 5). She looked at it and said "No 3...only 4 or 5!" Nice to know how they keep their ratings so high...pressure as you fill it out! Too funny!

Tonight, we are going across the street to the market and getting things to eat in our room. Meals at restaurants with toddlers on a daily basis are not enjoyable!

(And I say that with great love of our sweet little man!) I love to read...more than I love the Academy Awards! I've read 3 books on my Ipad while we've been gone. Francine Rivers "A Mother's Dream" and "A Daughter's Dream". She is a christian author and her books are amazing! Last night I finished Laura Hillenbrand's "Unbroken". It's the true story of Louie Zamperini and his World War II experience and life! Unbelievable story that you have to read! Mike (who doesn't love to read) hasn't been able to put it down. We only have 1 Ipad, so you can imagine that's bad news!

New Day asked for prayers for baby Jayce who was having surgery today...we ask God to watch over him during his surgery and recovery! Please include him in your prayers!
3 More days until we leave China! I cannot wait! Although I'm savoring every moment of our son's birth country, I am very ready to get back to my own. Thank you God for watching over all of us!
We love and miss you!

Mike, Tonya & Ethan

To see the video fromt he TB test and shopping, click here


Yuntai Gardens & Meeting Ann at Red Thread

Here we are Yuntai Gardens Looking at the Koi Pond
The boat Ethan wanted to ride on
Our "Welcome to Guangzhou" Care Package
Ethan blowing out candles on his candles Meeting Ann from Red Thread

Today we went to the Yuntai Garden about 20 minutes away from our hotel. It's on a mountain, and the drive there was truly beautiful. Guangzhou is known as "The Friendship City" and they promote international friendship, exchanges and cooperation. There were tons of items around reflecting other areas...like dutch girls from Holland, a big jug from Germany and a sign stating Los Angeles is the Sister City of Quangzhou (11,933 KM away). So many beautiful flowers...I know my mom and my mother-in-law would have been in heaven here. We walked around for almost 2 hours, then headed back for lunch.
We found a great little outdoor cafe (close to McDonald's, but thankfully Ethan didn't see those big yellow arches). He loved loved loved the seafood fried rice. And was constantly watching and talking to girls at other tables.
He is so funny and asks so many questions..."like why is the traffic light red, and who made that rule and who can he talk to about it?", or "why is that door locked and can he still go in?" Whenever Aron translates what he says, we crack up. Can't wait to see that personality in English!

We met Ann from Red Thread China in the lobby at 1 because she had a surprise for us. Our wonderful friends from back home sent us a yummy cake, juice, water, wine, chocolate, cookies...won't need to visit that market again! It was so thoughtful and so appreciated! Ethan thought is was birthday cake and he knew there were candles...so we sang! I was so happy to meet Ann...we had sent numerous packages to Ethan at New Day using her services and she is wonderful.. Cute as can be in person too!

Ethan continues to test us on a daily basis...at breakfast he started playing with his food. He wanted to drop the ham on the floor, so we told him if he did, we were leaving.
(We left.)
At the park, he kept swatting Aron. She grabbed his hands and told him to say sorry (he wouldn't), so she told him to say he wouldn't hit again (he agreed). As soon as she let go of his hands, he tried to swat her again. He is seriously not bad, just seeing what he can and cannot get away with...typical toddler. We are like "Dude...we've raised 4 kids...you are so messing with the wrong mama and baba!"
(That cute face does melt your heart though!)
We love and miss you all!

Mike, Tonya, and Ethan

To see video, click here


GuangZhou: The Garden & Medical

After a 1 1/2 hour flight delay, we kissed Vivianne goodbye and finally left Nanchang for Guangzhou! Ethan did great...loved the plane ride and only had a couple of tears when baba wouldn't let him destroy the seat table in front of him.

Our guide, Aron, met us at baggage claim with a hug...instantly we felt the warmth of this city! The ride to our hotel was so different...even at night you could see the beauty of Guangzhou. Much more "sane" traffic, clean and such nice weather. Felt like we were in Florida or Vegas! We pulled up to The Garden hotel and were in love...we can definitely suck it up here for the next week! So many people speak English and the hotel is absolutely beautiful! Our room is a suite with a huge tub that Ethan loves playing in. It was around midnight when we finally went to bed.
My youngest, Cameron, was competing in a gymnastics meet in Charleston, South Carolina...the first meet I've ever missed. I always hold my rosary beads when she competes, and do way more praying then normal...I wore them to bed and got constant updates with her scores...needless to say, I barely slept. I believe it was 4 AM when I texted her and said "Great job sweetie!. She got 1st all around and qualified for event finals on floor tomorrow night! More praying!

We woke up this morning and gorged on the buffet...so yummy! They have a terrace overlooking the garden and the waterfall with the koi pond...truly peaceful and beautiful!
Aron met us in the lobby at 10 to go to Ethan's medical examination.

We drove to the "island"...a part of the city built by the British and surrounded by a moat. Trees were everywhere and it was very nice. Ethan got his visa pictures and then we went in for his exam. This place is used not only for adoptions, but also for anyone needing vaccinations leaving the county. It was very crowded and we saw many familiar faces. However, Aron pushed us through each stage with no problem and very little wait.

Ethan got weighed
Then he had a physical exam, ears and throat checked and then...the dreaded TB test. There were so many kids screaming and crying...we didn't know what to expect. But our little man made us proud...no tears! He played with doctor and took in every moment like a champ.

Mike and Ethan needed a nap...but not me.......
.......because Right across the street from our hotel is Fendi, Burberry, Gucci, need I say more?! Back in the day when I thought I was Donald Trump, this would have been a problem...however, now I realize I'm broke...so I'm content just to look. The supermarket on the 3rd floor was amazing...spent $40 for water, snacks, milk and of course...our wine! Checked out the hotel spa...completely unaffordable...should have gotten another massage in Nanchang.
We feel so happy in this town...you can see out the window and it's not smoggy. Everyone is so nice, there are so many foreigners here that no one pays any attention to you. I felt so at home just walking around by myself!

Baba took Ethan to play in the kids room where he was Mr. Congeniality! He was so sweet to a little girl named Ella who had Downs Syndrome. He came back tired and sweaty! We went to the outside terrace to eat...Ethan got to chat with the fish and count the planes in the sky. It was breezy and beautiful!

We have met so many people on this journey...today a couple from Kentucky (he likes to ride harley's, so I told him about Ethan's Grandma and Papa that ride), a man from Idaho who coaches cross-country and ran the first aid station on the bike portion of the Ironman (told him about my sister who ran that), people from Ohio wearing their buckeye's shirts...(reminded them that the Gators kicked their butt in the National Championship game)...just tons of people from all over and we share a common bond in China!

Special note to Granny Di that I am collecting the mother load of shampoos, conditioners, etc. for our homeless socks! Of course my suitcase is going to weigh even more, but it's worth it!
We are so thankful to God for bringing us to Guangzhou and this feeling of peace and happiness that we have here. I know it's the city, and also the fact that we are leaving for home in 6 days!
We love and miss you all!

Mike, Tonya and Ethan

Here is a video of our hotel and the Medical appointment: click here


Leaving Nanchang

We are so beyond ready to leave Nanchang and get to the last part of our journey.

We are so thankful to God for watching over us and we pray he continues to bless us with safe travels.
Here is Ethan with our guide Vivianne

Here is a photo of the market
(where we buy wine!)

At breakfast, Ethan wanted ice cream...of course we said "No". He totally fake screamed (got it on video) until baba had had enough and said "Let's Go". We played in the kids room for awhile, however at lunchtime, we just couldn't face the Jin Feng buffet one more time. So, we grabbed a taxi and headed to McDonalds. Ethan was so excited! He ate his entire happy meal, some of my big mac and then finally...got his ice cream which he said was "yummy"!

Came back and played some more...then naptime. We get Ethan's passport this afternoon and then leave Nanchang at 7:20 to head to Guangzhou... Praise God! One step closet to the good ole USA!
We love and miss you all!

Mike, Tonya, and Ethan

To see the video from today, click here!


Visiting Kindergarten

Ethan woke up at 5 AM this morning and wanted to turn on all the lights...his favorite thing to do first thing! We said "No...it's still night night time." He went back to bed until 7:20...
God is good!

Today we got to visit a kindergarten. Ethan is extremely curious in the car...about basically everything. Before we knew what had happened, he reached up and pulled up the parking break....WHILE we were driving. Then he opened the door.
His car seat is definitely going in the middle!
Luckily our driver has a 5 year old and doesn't panic about any of it...just gives Ethan treats. He probably thinks...mess with car, get a treat! Great!

This is Ethan with our Driver

The kindergarten has over 350 kids that attend there, and they have English classes.

This is the schoolThe Principal and Teacher were so exited to welcome us.

Here we are with the Kindergarten teacher

We went into the 3 year old classroom and got to play games.

The first game was musical chairs. Ethan was very quiet and just wanted to watch, so I got voted to play. I'm not a real competitive person, but the goal is to get a chair, right? So when that music stopped...I grabbed a chair. And made a little girl cry! Mike was like "Way to go Babe!"

Then we had partners and they tied a balloon around our legs and each team had to be the first to stomp someone elses balloon. I won both of those...and no one cried, they all just high fived me! We weren't sure if Ethan thought he was being left there or if he just likes to check things out. I told him that Mama and Baba were not leaving him...we were just playing with the kids.
So, he decided to join Mike in the 3 legged race. Mike apparently has never lost a 3 legged race...until today! He's fine though...has his past championships to make him feel better!

They love having their pictures taken
After lunch and a nap, Vivian brought us all of our notarized papers that we'll need in Guangzhou. Then we decided to venture to the park down the street. It is truly so different here than in America. No car seats, no driving rules other than speed, and in the park...no dogs on leashes, kids pee where ever they want...not bad, just very different.

Ethan's first love is food...so we made our 67th trip to the buffet (ok...I'm exaggerating). He ate tons of watermelon, some kind of meat, his spicy noodles and then wanted ice cream. After 2 servings, he decided he would finish his spicy noodles. He's so funny...will put my hand on his stomach and very seriously ask "Yes or No?" Like is he full or not.
I'll say yes (because he's eaten enough for a small country), but he'll say no.

He's in the shower now...loves the shower! We leave Nanchang for Guangzhou at 7 tomorrow night. Not sure how much I'll get to blog, but will make up for it in the sunny south!
One more week til we leave for home...praise God!
Love and miss you all!
Mike, Tonya and Ethan

To see a video of our visit to the Kindergarten, click here!


We haven't had a 4 year old in over 11 years
this child is busy!
(We are currently living for naptime!)
Ethan woke up at 6 AM and hasn't stopped since.

We went to the Tangwang PavillionThis is a place where the emperor would come to enjoy music and entertainment. It's on the river and they are building a subway on the other side. Ethan LOVED the music and dancing...it was the only time he sat still all day. 20 minutes...Praise God!

We ran into a family from our hotel and after talking, realized that they've been friends for over 50 years with a couple from our church...George & Joan Weiland. Small world!

Our guide is sweet as can be, but she's not great with the camera. This is the one pic you can see all of us. I'm the only one looking and Ethan is picking his nose.

After lunch, Mike & Ethan took a nap. I went to the spa where a Chinese massage was only 100 yuan...about 16 bucks! My nap was amazing and I can't wait for the next one!

We ventured out to a market area and bought some snacks! I promise you...walking on the streets is taking your life in your hands. The mopeds are crazier than the cars and they don't stop. We ran across the street to a bakery....videoed it so you could experience it too!
Everyone stares at us and Ethan...it is so weird being a foreigner! We always comment on "tourists"....now I'm the one with the camera around my neck taking pictures of everything! I just want to document as much as I can so that one day I can share Ethan's province with him.
Here is a glimpse of the Opera:

We experienced our first lobby meltdown after dinner. Mike took Ethan to see the fish while I signed the check. Ethan wanted to go up on the podium with the lady playing the piano...Mike said no. He started yelling and wanted to go find mama...Mike said if he was quiet. When I came around the corner, he reached for me with tears on his face.

Then, Elbowed baba in the elevator and tucked his lip in. Too funny!

He said, "Baba don't play!"

He was definitely testing the limits today...but we stayed strong!

As always, we give thanks to God for this journey, our new son, our children waiting at home and all of our friends and family!
We love and miss you all!
Mike, Tonya & Ethan
To see our video from the day, cick here


Our Day in Nanchang

Today was a much better day! After sleeping 10 hours, Ethan looked up at me, held out his arms and said "mama". Melted my heart! We skyped back home and were thrilled to see our kid's faces that we miss so much!
(Ethan recognized everyone, especially Michael & Gucci.)

We went down to breakfast where again, he was the star. Our guide picked us up at 10 to go to a park. I was expecting a swing set...this was a Mini Central Park. They had tai chi, small lakes, a huge exercise area, and to Ethan's delight...a small amusement park. You paid for each ride you went on...he loved them all, but then he was content to just sit back and look. He's so quiet and you can just see the wheels turning in his head at all of the new stuff.

Directly across from the park...Gucci & Louis Vuitton...where did we go...Super Walmart! Ethan had to go to the bathroom so we headed there first. When we walked around the corner, there were 4 guards with guns drawn...I was like, "you have armed guards in Walmart?". She said they were guards for the money being taken from the store. That was scary...but not as scary as the toilets in the ground:
The Squatty Potty!

I helped Ethan go, but I decided I'd wait until I got back to my hotel. We bought 3 Chinese videos...Cars, Toy Story & Mickey Mouse, squeaky tennis shoes, socks & undies, snacks and of course, wine! Our guide said that the people at the hotel told her Mike & I are so romantic because we drink the red wine at night. Great...we've already got a rep in Nanchang! Lunch was Ethan's request...
McDonalds!He loved it!
Came back to the room and stuck in Cars...he was out in about 5 minutes. Mike is thrilled that Ethan naps...
(he gets to nap, too!)
Ethan woke up from his nap happy as ever. Rolled out of bed with a huge smile and was ready to go! We went and walked around, then went to the play room for awhile. Ethan loves anything electronic...he took some pics with my camera.
We came back to the room before dinner and I actually fell asleep. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do NOT nap...ever! Guess I haven't had a toddler in awhile! Went to dinner (where we snuck in our bottle of wine). Ethan ate and ate and ate...then his favorite...birthday cake...really, it's just cake! Came up to the room and took his shower and watched about 10 minutes of Toy Story. Now he's ready books with baba and going to bed. No tears today...just those sweet smiles!
I take a video everyday so you can not only see Ethan, but also China. Hope you are loving them and the pictures!
(To see the video from today, click here!)

I thank God every day for so many blessings in our life. This little boy is already learning about God. At every meal, we say "let's say the blessing"...and he clasps his hands and bows his head and watches us with those sweet eyes! Thank you God for our faith and the ability to pass it on to our children!
We love you!
Mike, Tonya and Ethan


Day 5~~~~~~~~~~~Gotcha~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We arrived at the Civil Affairs office at 11:30 this morning to get Ethan. We walked in the door and there sat our sweet boy, waiting patiently with his nanny, Sophie. He smiled and got up and hugged us. We took a few pictures, they shared his information with us, we showed them out passport and Notice of Coming to China...then we got to leave.
In the past 9 months, we have wondered when Ethan would possibly know what "being adopted" meant. Words cannot describe the emotions I had when we waved goodbye to the only mom he's ever know. And then...he realized.
He started crying and saying "find my mama". And then he started screaming. All I could think of was our children when they were that age, and how they would have felt if someone had taken them away from their mama. It truly broke my heart...for him and for Sophie.
We got to the hotel and went straight to the room. I got out his pillow and his backpack and cars, books, markers and crayons...anything to keep him busy. It took about 30 minutes for him to be willing to take off his jacket and feel at home. We played and ate lunch and then I told him it was nap time. He laid down on the bed with his pillow and looked at us with those huge brown eyes...and went to sleep.
I prayed to God to please watch over him and Sophie and us. I thanked him for bringing Ethan into our lives and forever changing them. I asked him to guide us over the next couple of weeks in China and to bring us all safely home to America.

We went back to the Civil Affairs office at 2:30 to finalize the paperwork...

Ethan is officially ours!
We had to sign a ton of forms and put our fingerprint on all of them. Then Ethan had to put his footprint on one. He loved that! Then off to the Notary office to get interviewed again and get our document notarized. Now we just wait in Nanchang for Ethan's passport!

We came back to the hotel and went to the kids area to play. Ethan is so social! He walked in with his backpack full of toys and said hi to the ladies in there with their babies! When he was done playing he said bye-bye and packed up his bag.
(So organized and neat!)

Now, we're sitting in the room watching Chinese cartoons until the buffet opens. Ethan's eyes are drooping...I'm sure it's been an exhausting and emotional day for him. It certainly was for us!
Dinner was fabulous...all the waitresses kept coming over and taking him to the buffet to get something new. This child can eat! I was amazed at what he tried and loved! Afterwards, Mike took him to look at the desserts. I heard him yell.."Mama, Birthday cake!" When he got want he wanted, he said "yum"!

We came up to the room and he took a shower, got his jammies on and started balling! He cried for almost 30 minutes and nothing we could do would comfort him. He wanted to go home! It was heartbreaking, but we let him grieve while we sang and told him we loved him and were just there. He is now sleeping like an angel in his sponge bob-square pants jammies.
He is truly a gift from God! I watched him grieve today for his mama, tuck his lip under and be a big boy when he didn't really understand what was happening, find security and comfort in his new mama and baba, communicate his needs and his wants...he is simply amazing and I know that all of you are going to love him!
Thank you God for all of our children and the gift of being their parents!

Tonya, Mike & Ethan
To see a video of our day: Click Here


Day 4~~~~~~~~~~~Forbidden City~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This morning, we went to the Forbidden City. This is where the Emperor and Royal Family lived. There city is surrounded by a moat and there are over 9000 rooms. Our guide told us if a child was born and every day moved to another room, he would be 27 years old by the time he had stayed in every room. With my amazing sense of direction, I was lost after the first gate.

We left the city and went to the airport to fly to Nanchang. Our guide, Vivanne, picked us up for our 40 minute drive to the city. Beijing was a very large city with over 13 million people...Nanchang is much smaller with 4 million. I truly don't know why there are traffic lanes...no one is even aware of them. Mike thought I should break out the rosary beads in the hopes that we made it to the hotel safely...we did.

The JinFeng Hotel is beautiful! We had so many issues with the plugs in our last hotel, so I had high hopes that it would improve. First thing..nothing would charge. On top of that, my flat iron is completely dead. (Anyone who knows me, knows that my hair is not naturally good hair.) Mike told me I was "losing it"...which of course I was. However....I put it in God's hands and went to dinner. We got back to the room with a 2nd charger and everything works....except the flat iron. I'm good...hair's bad, but I'm good.

I know everyone is way more interested in Ethan, than our hotel and tours...so this is our last video without him.

We go to the Civil Affairs office at 11 and when we leave...he'll be with us!!!!!!!

Can't wait to blog tomorrow with video of him.

Love and miss you all and thank God for getting us to our next leg of the journey safely!

Tonya and Mike

To see the video of our hotel and visit to the Forbidden City: Click Here


Day 3~Summer Palace & The GREAT Wall~

Today we toured the Summer Palace.

What a beautiful place! I can only imagine what it looks like in the Summer. It is on a gorgeous and frozen lake. Our guide gave us tons of the history of it and it was quite interesting. I have tons of pictures, but I seem to be unable to use anything computer oriented...I'm actually emailing every blog to my friend Erin who is posting for me...thank you Erin! (you're welcome :-)) I'm not so sure I would have been so gung-ho to climb the stairs to see the view of the Summer Palace, had I known about our next adventure.

We first went to a Jade Factory where we found out all about jade and how to tell if it's real and spent way too much money! However, we enjoyed a fabulous lunch and were ready to see The Great Wall!

Now...going back to my history days, I remember the Great Wall as, well a wall. When our guide said "Is 2 hours enough time?", I thought...5 minutes should be good. See the Wall, take a picture, be done. But no such luck. The Wall that we actually went to was the closest in Beijing. Our guide showed us the sign from Chairman Mao that said:
"The only way to be a true champion is to make it to the top!"
We saw what we thought was the top and said, let's go. We got there and saw another "what we thought was the top". This went on basically forever. To compare...when I do stadiums, I do 10 and my legs are shaking. This probably equates to more than 50. We were dying! I'm attaching the video and you can tell from me talking that I am completely winded! (FYI...I forget to turn off the video for a few minutes...so you hear me talking, but see nothing!) We were determined to make it, and we did! I got the t-shirt to prove it! It is the most amazing place and I cannot believe how it was ever built! How cool that we got to see it!

We took a taxi and went to a very cool place surrounding a lake for dinner. Back at the hotel and getting things organized to leave for Nanchang tomorrow.

Love you all!
Mike & Tonya

To see "Our Climb", click here


Day 2 ~~~~~Meeting Ethan~~~

Chinese New Year was still being celebrated last night...over 7 hours of fireworks...
(felt like we were in Baghdad)

We woke up at 3:45 and were the only people in the lobby at 5:30 AM. Breakfast was yummy! Huge buffet with everything you could imagine. I had cereal and toast. Mike had cereal, pan cakes, fried rice, a hot dog, toast...you get the picture.

We left at 8 for New Day and arrived there at 9 AM! Watch the video below and you can see us meeting Ethan for the first time. Our guide, Candy, is so sweet and she videotaped the whole thing.

First he spotted Mama... Then reached for Baba... We have the sweetest, cutest boy in all of China!
He could not stop hugging us and would tell everyone "Mama Baba".

We played inside and celebrated Vincent's birthday! The cake was beautiful and all of these sweet children sat around patiently waiting on their piece. They all had to have their fruit first.

Then we went outside and it was just us and Ethan. Despite us speaking no Chinese and Ethan speaking limited English...we communicated! He didn't like to go fast...he would say "smaller" and use his hands. Too cute! He is SO tidy and cleaned up after himself with whatever he was playing. His split is going to give Cameron some serious competition! We ate lunch together and Ethan is a great eater. Not picky at all and loves spicy food! He had seconds and cleaned his entire plate. Then he looked at Mike and told him to clean his plate too.

While he took a nap (yea...he still naps!), Mike & I met with his doctor, teacher and nanny. They gave us all of his artwork, a cd of pictures for the past 2 years, his medical information...New Day is truly amazing! You can feel the love the minute you walk in the door and you see the love on every single adult and child's face! If you haven't visited their website...please do!

(Click the words: New Day to see their site and click the word blog to see the ND blog)

The other little boy we couldn't wait to meet was Jace (known to many of you as Robert). He has the sweetest smile in the world and looked wonderful! While he was eating cake, I told him his mama and baba couldn't wait to come bring him home...he smiled and said yes! He shared his bag of chips for snack with Ethan and you could truly see how close they both are.

We left at 4 to head back to our hotel. Ethan was hugging Mike's leg and didn't want us to leave. We had such a wonderful day and cannot wait until Sunday when we get to keep him with us!

We thank God for this wonderful day meeting our son!

God is good...all the time!

We love you!
Tonya & Mike

To see the full video of us meeting Ethan: Click Here

(Hugging moment starts at 5:10 on the video)


Day 1

I'm probably the only person, leaving for 17 days, in less than a few hours who was NOT packed.
Here's a photo of Mike's suitcase (small and packed) :and mine (large, unpacked and weighed 60 lbs.)

(A girl's gotta have options!)
Our day started at 3:45 AM to head to the airport. As we were waiting to be checked in, I realized that I had forgotten both of my binders with ALL of my paperwork for China. (Only the most important thing needed for the trip besides Mike and I.) I ran after a taxi to take me back to the hotel, grabbed it, and made it back in time.

That won't happen again!

We had a 2 hour flight to Newark and then boarded our flight for Beijing. The longest flight I've ever been on is 8 hours to Hawaii, so I wasn't really sure how 13 1/2 hours would be. I kept relating it to my Ironman...only with a better time? :) We had first class tickets, thanks to a really good friend! I have never been fed so much food in a matter of 3 hours. We watched 3 movies, tried to sleep (I did, Mike did not) and FINALLY made it.

China's a lot like New York, (only we can't read any signs).

Our guide for the next 3 days is Candy and she's very sweet!

Our room was so hot and we couldn't figure out how to turn the air on. I called the front desk and finally understood..."no air". This should be fun! However, thankfully no bed bugs either! At least not yet, but Mike keeps checking!

Tomorrow morning we go to New Day at 9 AM. I cannot believe the day has finally come that we get to meet our son! Can't wait to share that video with you!

We are off to eat, call our kids, and go to bed!

We thank God for getting us here safely and bringing this blessing as well as the countless others we have, into our lives!

We love you!

Mike & Tonya