Day 4~~~~~~~~~~~Forbidden City~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This morning, we went to the Forbidden City. This is where the Emperor and Royal Family lived. There city is surrounded by a moat and there are over 9000 rooms. Our guide told us if a child was born and every day moved to another room, he would be 27 years old by the time he had stayed in every room. With my amazing sense of direction, I was lost after the first gate.

We left the city and went to the airport to fly to Nanchang. Our guide, Vivanne, picked us up for our 40 minute drive to the city. Beijing was a very large city with over 13 million people...Nanchang is much smaller with 4 million. I truly don't know why there are traffic lanes...no one is even aware of them. Mike thought I should break out the rosary beads in the hopes that we made it to the hotel safely...we did.

The JinFeng Hotel is beautiful! We had so many issues with the plugs in our last hotel, so I had high hopes that it would improve. First thing..nothing would charge. On top of that, my flat iron is completely dead. (Anyone who knows me, knows that my hair is not naturally good hair.) Mike told me I was "losing it"...which of course I was. However....I put it in God's hands and went to dinner. We got back to the room with a 2nd charger and everything works....except the flat iron. I'm good...hair's bad, but I'm good.

I know everyone is way more interested in Ethan, than our hotel and tours...so this is our last video without him.

We go to the Civil Affairs office at 11 and when we leave...he'll be with us!!!!!!!

Can't wait to blog tomorrow with video of him.

Love and miss you all and thank God for getting us to our next leg of the journey safely!

Tonya and Mike

To see the video of our hotel and visit to the Forbidden City: Click Here

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