Day 1

I'm probably the only person, leaving for 17 days, in less than a few hours who was NOT packed.
Here's a photo of Mike's suitcase (small and packed) :and mine (large, unpacked and weighed 60 lbs.)

(A girl's gotta have options!)
Our day started at 3:45 AM to head to the airport. As we were waiting to be checked in, I realized that I had forgotten both of my binders with ALL of my paperwork for China. (Only the most important thing needed for the trip besides Mike and I.) I ran after a taxi to take me back to the hotel, grabbed it, and made it back in time.

That won't happen again!

We had a 2 hour flight to Newark and then boarded our flight for Beijing. The longest flight I've ever been on is 8 hours to Hawaii, so I wasn't really sure how 13 1/2 hours would be. I kept relating it to my Ironman...only with a better time? :) We had first class tickets, thanks to a really good friend! I have never been fed so much food in a matter of 3 hours. We watched 3 movies, tried to sleep (I did, Mike did not) and FINALLY made it.

China's a lot like New York, (only we can't read any signs).

Our guide for the next 3 days is Candy and she's very sweet!

Our room was so hot and we couldn't figure out how to turn the air on. I called the front desk and finally understood..."no air". This should be fun! However, thankfully no bed bugs either! At least not yet, but Mike keeps checking!

Tomorrow morning we go to New Day at 9 AM. I cannot believe the day has finally come that we get to meet our son! Can't wait to share that video with you!

We are off to eat, call our kids, and go to bed!

We thank God for getting us here safely and bringing this blessing as well as the countless others we have, into our lives!

We love you!

Mike & Tonya


  1. You are so close to hugging your sweet boy!!! Cannot wait to see those happy photos!

  2. You're almost there! Can't wait to see tomorrow's pics!