GuangZhou: The Garden & Medical

After a 1 1/2 hour flight delay, we kissed Vivianne goodbye and finally left Nanchang for Guangzhou! Ethan did great...loved the plane ride and only had a couple of tears when baba wouldn't let him destroy the seat table in front of him.

Our guide, Aron, met us at baggage claim with a hug...instantly we felt the warmth of this city! The ride to our hotel was so different...even at night you could see the beauty of Guangzhou. Much more "sane" traffic, clean and such nice weather. Felt like we were in Florida or Vegas! We pulled up to The Garden hotel and were in love...we can definitely suck it up here for the next week! So many people speak English and the hotel is absolutely beautiful! Our room is a suite with a huge tub that Ethan loves playing in. It was around midnight when we finally went to bed.
My youngest, Cameron, was competing in a gymnastics meet in Charleston, South Carolina...the first meet I've ever missed. I always hold my rosary beads when she competes, and do way more praying then normal...I wore them to bed and got constant updates with her scores...needless to say, I barely slept. I believe it was 4 AM when I texted her and said "Great job sweetie!. She got 1st all around and qualified for event finals on floor tomorrow night! More praying!

We woke up this morning and gorged on the buffet...so yummy! They have a terrace overlooking the garden and the waterfall with the koi pond...truly peaceful and beautiful!
Aron met us in the lobby at 10 to go to Ethan's medical examination.

We drove to the "island"...a part of the city built by the British and surrounded by a moat. Trees were everywhere and it was very nice. Ethan got his visa pictures and then we went in for his exam. This place is used not only for adoptions, but also for anyone needing vaccinations leaving the county. It was very crowded and we saw many familiar faces. However, Aron pushed us through each stage with no problem and very little wait.

Ethan got weighed
Then he had a physical exam, ears and throat checked and then...the dreaded TB test. There were so many kids screaming and crying...we didn't know what to expect. But our little man made us proud...no tears! He played with doctor and took in every moment like a champ.

Mike and Ethan needed a nap...but not me.......
.......because Right across the street from our hotel is Fendi, Burberry, Gucci, need I say more?! Back in the day when I thought I was Donald Trump, this would have been a problem...however, now I realize I'm broke...so I'm content just to look. The supermarket on the 3rd floor was amazing...spent $40 for water, snacks, milk and of course...our wine! Checked out the hotel spa...completely unaffordable...should have gotten another massage in Nanchang.
We feel so happy in this town...you can see out the window and it's not smoggy. Everyone is so nice, there are so many foreigners here that no one pays any attention to you. I felt so at home just walking around by myself!

Baba took Ethan to play in the kids room where he was Mr. Congeniality! He was so sweet to a little girl named Ella who had Downs Syndrome. He came back tired and sweaty! We went to the outside terrace to eat...Ethan got to chat with the fish and count the planes in the sky. It was breezy and beautiful!

We have met so many people on this journey...today a couple from Kentucky (he likes to ride harley's, so I told him about Ethan's Grandma and Papa that ride), a man from Idaho who coaches cross-country and ran the first aid station on the bike portion of the Ironman (told him about my sister who ran that), people from Ohio wearing their buckeye's shirts...(reminded them that the Gators kicked their butt in the National Championship game)...just tons of people from all over and we share a common bond in China!

Special note to Granny Di that I am collecting the mother load of shampoos, conditioners, etc. for our homeless socks! Of course my suitcase is going to weigh even more, but it's worth it!
We are so thankful to God for bringing us to Guangzhou and this feeling of peace and happiness that we have here. I know it's the city, and also the fact that we are leaving for home in 6 days!
We love and miss you all!

Mike, Tonya and Ethan

Here is a video of our hotel and the Medical appointment: click here

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