Leaving Nanchang

We are so beyond ready to leave Nanchang and get to the last part of our journey.

We are so thankful to God for watching over us and we pray he continues to bless us with safe travels.
Here is Ethan with our guide Vivianne

Here is a photo of the market
(where we buy wine!)

At breakfast, Ethan wanted ice cream...of course we said "No". He totally fake screamed (got it on video) until baba had had enough and said "Let's Go". We played in the kids room for awhile, however at lunchtime, we just couldn't face the Jin Feng buffet one more time. So, we grabbed a taxi and headed to McDonalds. Ethan was so excited! He ate his entire happy meal, some of my big mac and then finally...got his ice cream which he said was "yummy"!

Came back and played some more...then naptime. We get Ethan's passport this afternoon and then leave Nanchang at 7:20 to head to Guangzhou... Praise God! One step closet to the good ole USA!
We love and miss you all!

Mike, Tonya, and Ethan

To see the video from today, click here!

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  1. LOVING all the video. I'm not sure how I've been missing them, but I just went back to view them and they touched me to the core. It's hard to believe that 9 mos ago we were in your very shoes. Ethan is SUCH a sweetheart and you are very blessed to have him (as he is to have you!) The videos at ND and the one on Gotcha Day with Sophie, made me cry. I was taken back my the emotions that I relived through your videos. Khloe has come such a long way since then, it's hard to remember how VERY much she grieved in the beginning. Your overall experience was so different from our's though...just seeing how Ethan embraced you the very first time he met you in person was SO precious! I was bawling as I seen that! Khloe wasn't that way with us at all. Karen said she was very much in the stage where she rejected every form of change, so we were the last people she wanted. We did have some amazing moments though, too. But she grieved and cried a LOT those first moments when she was alone with us and it was so hard. We know how much Sophie and the others loved her, just as you have experienced with Ethan, so it was hard taking her from all she had known. Now when I ask her if she wants to go back to visit, she just says "no, I miss you mommy" and turns to hug me. I think she's afraid I will take her back when I say that. But I always reassure her that she will always live here with mommy and daddy now. It's such a process! Wow, we've come a long way since those days... it makes 9 mos seem like a lifetime ago when I think of it that way!

    Enjoy GZ and soak in those last moments in China... trust me when I say how there will be moments you will long for them once you return home. It's inevitable to leave a piece of your heart there!

    God bless! <><