Visiting Kindergarten

Ethan woke up at 5 AM this morning and wanted to turn on all the lights...his favorite thing to do first thing! We said "No...it's still night night time." He went back to bed until 7:20...
God is good!

Today we got to visit a kindergarten. Ethan is extremely curious in the car...about basically everything. Before we knew what had happened, he reached up and pulled up the parking break....WHILE we were driving. Then he opened the door.
His car seat is definitely going in the middle!
Luckily our driver has a 5 year old and doesn't panic about any of it...just gives Ethan treats. He probably thinks...mess with car, get a treat! Great!

This is Ethan with our Driver

The kindergarten has over 350 kids that attend there, and they have English classes.

This is the schoolThe Principal and Teacher were so exited to welcome us.

Here we are with the Kindergarten teacher

We went into the 3 year old classroom and got to play games.

The first game was musical chairs. Ethan was very quiet and just wanted to watch, so I got voted to play. I'm not a real competitive person, but the goal is to get a chair, right? So when that music stopped...I grabbed a chair. And made a little girl cry! Mike was like "Way to go Babe!"

Then we had partners and they tied a balloon around our legs and each team had to be the first to stomp someone elses balloon. I won both of those...and no one cried, they all just high fived me! We weren't sure if Ethan thought he was being left there or if he just likes to check things out. I told him that Mama and Baba were not leaving him...we were just playing with the kids.
So, he decided to join Mike in the 3 legged race. Mike apparently has never lost a 3 legged race...until today! He's fine though...has his past championships to make him feel better!

They love having their pictures taken
After lunch and a nap, Vivian brought us all of our notarized papers that we'll need in Guangzhou. Then we decided to venture to the park down the street. It is truly so different here than in America. No car seats, no driving rules other than speed, and in the park...no dogs on leashes, kids pee where ever they want...not bad, just very different.

Ethan's first love is food...so we made our 67th trip to the buffet (ok...I'm exaggerating). He ate tons of watermelon, some kind of meat, his spicy noodles and then wanted ice cream. After 2 servings, he decided he would finish his spicy noodles. He's so funny...will put my hand on his stomach and very seriously ask "Yes or No?" Like is he full or not.
I'll say yes (because he's eaten enough for a small country), but he'll say no.

He's in the shower now...loves the shower! We leave Nanchang for Guangzhou at 7 tomorrow night. Not sure how much I'll get to blog, but will make up for it in the sunny south!
One more week til we leave for home...praise God!
Love and miss you all!
Mike, Tonya and Ethan

To see a video of our visit to the Kindergarten, click here!

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  1. Wow! Tonya shows no mercy with her Musical Chairs skills! Mike, you are so gracious!