Our Day in Nanchang

Today was a much better day! After sleeping 10 hours, Ethan looked up at me, held out his arms and said "mama". Melted my heart! We skyped back home and were thrilled to see our kid's faces that we miss so much!
(Ethan recognized everyone, especially Michael & Gucci.)

We went down to breakfast where again, he was the star. Our guide picked us up at 10 to go to a park. I was expecting a swing set...this was a Mini Central Park. They had tai chi, small lakes, a huge exercise area, and to Ethan's delight...a small amusement park. You paid for each ride you went on...he loved them all, but then he was content to just sit back and look. He's so quiet and you can just see the wheels turning in his head at all of the new stuff.

Directly across from the park...Gucci & Louis Vuitton...where did we go...Super Walmart! Ethan had to go to the bathroom so we headed there first. When we walked around the corner, there were 4 guards with guns drawn...I was like, "you have armed guards in Walmart?". She said they were guards for the money being taken from the store. That was scary...but not as scary as the toilets in the ground:
The Squatty Potty!

I helped Ethan go, but I decided I'd wait until I got back to my hotel. We bought 3 Chinese videos...Cars, Toy Story & Mickey Mouse, squeaky tennis shoes, socks & undies, snacks and of course, wine! Our guide said that the people at the hotel told her Mike & I are so romantic because we drink the red wine at night. Great...we've already got a rep in Nanchang! Lunch was Ethan's request...
McDonalds!He loved it!
Came back to the room and stuck in Cars...he was out in about 5 minutes. Mike is thrilled that Ethan naps...
(he gets to nap, too!)
Ethan woke up from his nap happy as ever. Rolled out of bed with a huge smile and was ready to go! We went and walked around, then went to the play room for awhile. Ethan loves anything electronic...he took some pics with my camera.
We came back to the room before dinner and I actually fell asleep. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do NOT nap...ever! Guess I haven't had a toddler in awhile! Went to dinner (where we snuck in our bottle of wine). Ethan ate and ate and ate...then his favorite...birthday cake...really, it's just cake! Came up to the room and took his shower and watched about 10 minutes of Toy Story. Now he's ready books with baba and going to bed. No tears today...just those sweet smiles!
I take a video everyday so you can not only see Ethan, but also China. Hope you are loving them and the pictures!
(To see the video from today, click here!)

I thank God every day for so many blessings in our life. This little boy is already learning about God. At every meal, we say "let's say the blessing"...and he clasps his hands and bows his head and watches us with those sweet eyes! Thank you God for our faith and the ability to pass it on to our children!
We love you!
Mike, Tonya and Ethan

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