Yuntai Gardens & Meeting Ann at Red Thread

Here we are Yuntai Gardens Looking at the Koi Pond
The boat Ethan wanted to ride on
Our "Welcome to Guangzhou" Care Package
Ethan blowing out candles on his candles Meeting Ann from Red Thread

Today we went to the Yuntai Garden about 20 minutes away from our hotel. It's on a mountain, and the drive there was truly beautiful. Guangzhou is known as "The Friendship City" and they promote international friendship, exchanges and cooperation. There were tons of items around reflecting other areas...like dutch girls from Holland, a big jug from Germany and a sign stating Los Angeles is the Sister City of Quangzhou (11,933 KM away). So many beautiful flowers...I know my mom and my mother-in-law would have been in heaven here. We walked around for almost 2 hours, then headed back for lunch.
We found a great little outdoor cafe (close to McDonald's, but thankfully Ethan didn't see those big yellow arches). He loved loved loved the seafood fried rice. And was constantly watching and talking to girls at other tables.
He is so funny and asks so many questions..."like why is the traffic light red, and who made that rule and who can he talk to about it?", or "why is that door locked and can he still go in?" Whenever Aron translates what he says, we crack up. Can't wait to see that personality in English!

We met Ann from Red Thread China in the lobby at 1 because she had a surprise for us. Our wonderful friends from back home sent us a yummy cake, juice, water, wine, chocolate, cookies...won't need to visit that market again! It was so thoughtful and so appreciated! Ethan thought is was birthday cake and he knew there were candles...so we sang! I was so happy to meet Ann...we had sent numerous packages to Ethan at New Day using her services and she is wonderful.. Cute as can be in person too!

Ethan continues to test us on a daily basis...at breakfast he started playing with his food. He wanted to drop the ham on the floor, so we told him if he did, we were leaving.
(We left.)
At the park, he kept swatting Aron. She grabbed his hands and told him to say sorry (he wouldn't), so she told him to say he wouldn't hit again (he agreed). As soon as she let go of his hands, he tried to swat her again. He is seriously not bad, just seeing what he can and cannot get away with...typical toddler. We are like "Dude...we've raised 4 kids...you are so messing with the wrong mama and baba!"
(That cute face does melt your heart though!)
We love and miss you all!

Mike, Tonya, and Ethan

To see video, click here

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  1. What a SUPER thoughtful care package from your friends back home. And it all looks delicious!

    Sounds like some amazing gardens. I wish we had taken the time to experience more things like that when we were there. Live and learn! ;)

    I had to giggle at Ethan's personality. Both good and bad. Yep...typical toddler. He is truly just testing the boundaries, but so great that his mama and baba are 'seasoned pros' at the job and are nipping it in the bud right off the bat! ;) It will make for happier parents and child!! Khloe is in that testing stage right now. It seemed she turned three and started testing all over again. Little stinker. Needless to say, she's learning boundaries and discipline all over again!! But like Ethan, she is such a good little kiddo and we love her to pieces. She has a really fun sense of humor and she cracks me up all the time with the things she says. I can't wait for Ethan to be speaking more English, too. It's so fun watching them 'catch on' to things and hearing (and understanding!) what they are saying!! Khloe picked up on it SO fast once we got home. It truly was amazing. She's still working on some annunciations, but doing great for being home exactly 9 mos to the day!

    Enjoy your final days there. I remember how anxious you are to just get back home at that point though. I never appreciated our airport so much as when we touched down after our China travels!! It won't be long now! ;)

    Thanks for the email and I look forward to chatting with you more after you are home and settled in a bit.

    God bless! <><
    ~ Tanya