Results of our shopping spree
(no, that is not a Playboy Bunny bag! :-)
I love the Academy Awards! Did I say I love them? Because I love them! They were on Monday morning in China and I would like to inform the Academy...that's not really a convenient time for me! Maloy kept texting me that Mila's dress was so pretty or Sandra looked beautiful! FInally, I found a channel that was covering them. Got to watch the stars arriving, but then it was off to the Medical Examination to check Ethan's TB test. Oh well...come on Collin Firth...you got this!
Whenever I've had a TB test, you couldn't even see the mark the next day. Ethan's arm, however, had a red circle where he was injected. I was a little worried, but after they measured it, he was fine...

yea Ethan!
Saved us 198 yuan on the xray! The Exam office was CRAZY...but Aron got us in and out in approximately 20 seconds flat!

We left the Island and went to a large outdoor and indoor shopping area...kind of like Times Square. We found a few souvenirs for the kids, some Chinese clothes for our little Emperor, some short sleeve shirts for Mike (because it's so warm here), more Disney videos and a Chinese dress for me. A successful day!

We are so tired of eating out, so we ordered room service and stayed in for lunch. Our most relaxing meal since we ate with Ethan at New Day.

Future Builder

You know my flat iron broke on like my 3rd day here, so I've been having the big hair thing going on. The humidity in Guangzhou is only making it worse. Imagine Monica from Friends when they went to Hawaii...or Troy Palamano in the Head & Shoulders commercial. Anyways, you get the picture. That's why it's been in a pony tail everyday. Today I went to the hair salon to get it blow dryed. Yea...flat hair again!

Last night we tried a different restaurant in the hotel...similiar looking to Rain Forest cafe. We thought...let's get Ethan a happy meal and that way he can eat immediately upon sitting and we can relax. That went well...NOT! We weren't that hungry, so we ordered a soup and fried rice to share, and a bottle of wine. 4 hours later...just kidding...we got to eat. When Mike paid the check, the lady asked if we would fill out a survey. On overall satisfaction, Mike put 3 (scale of 1 to 5). She looked at it and said "No 3...only 4 or 5!" Nice to know how they keep their ratings so high...pressure as you fill it out! Too funny!

Tonight, we are going across the street to the market and getting things to eat in our room. Meals at restaurants with toddlers on a daily basis are not enjoyable!

(And I say that with great love of our sweet little man!) I love to read...more than I love the Academy Awards! I've read 3 books on my Ipad while we've been gone. Francine Rivers "A Mother's Dream" and "A Daughter's Dream". She is a christian author and her books are amazing! Last night I finished Laura Hillenbrand's "Unbroken". It's the true story of Louie Zamperini and his World War II experience and life! Unbelievable story that you have to read! Mike (who doesn't love to read) hasn't been able to put it down. We only have 1 Ipad, so you can imagine that's bad news!

New Day asked for prayers for baby Jayce who was having surgery today...we ask God to watch over him during his surgery and recovery! Please include him in your prayers!
3 More days until we leave China! I cannot wait! Although I'm savoring every moment of our son's birth country, I am very ready to get back to my own. Thank you God for watching over all of us!
We love and miss you!

Mike, Tonya & Ethan

To see the video fromt he TB test and shopping, click here

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  1. Love the hair! The after video I mean! haha!
    I was thinking of going to Satchels for lunch today...what do you guys think? Just kidding! Waiting for you both to get back! Have boycotted Satchels till then. Sorry...couldn't boycott Sabore'....it's just too good and convenient. Ethan looks like he is adjusting very well! I'm sure all your other kids are anxious for all of you to return. Just a few more days! yay!