Ethan's Thanksgiving

From New Day's Scrapbook..."For most of our children, this was their first Thanksgiving. We had such a wonderful time today, enjoying a feast of food and counting our many blessings. (There are 55 right now, to be exact!) In addition to stuffing ourselves, we continued with the yearly tradition of teaching the children how to make mashed potatoes. We're so thankful for each one of our children... and thankful to all who are involved in the NDFH community -- making celebrations like this possible."
I am so thankful that Ethan, Robert and all of the other children have New Day! The love that is shared there on a daily basis is amazing! Check out their website for all of the cute pics!

Ethan was the Govenor and thoroughly enjoyed his turkey leg!

Robert enjoyed being an indian!

Thanksgiving Day

We spent Thanksgiving Day at my sister's farm with about 60 people (we had nametags). Everyone brought something different and there was no shortage of food. The kids all had a great time playing on this beautiful day that we had so very much to be thankful for!

Cameron & Maloy

Madeline, Mike & Michael

Thankfully this jumping took place BEFORE dinner!

Our beautiful children...can't wait for next Thanksgiving when their little brother is here!

Granny Di, Mike, Karen & Pam Dad & Me

Notice the line of adults in the back waiting to eat...and the kids already chowing down!

My Thanksgiving Helpers

Michael, Madeline & Cameron are all going through Confirmation this year. One of their service projects was to shop for local families. They were paired up with a partner, given a list, how many were in the family and an amount they could spend...then sent off! It was so awesome to see almost 50 kids walking around Publix, comparing prices, finding "buy one/get one", and being so excited at the amount of food they got to feed a family of 6 or 8 with less than $100. After Cameron's second trip around the store, she said "Grocery shopping is exhausting!".
Tell me about it!

Getting some help from Momma Sandra.

Alex & Cameron...neither one knew what margarine was...we call it butter!

Jessie & Michael...he got lucky since she knows how to shop!
Madeline took charge of her list!

Gabi, Felicia & Cameron...checking out the coupons.

Mike & Madeline dropping it off at the Church.

Kathryn, Madeline & Cameron...in the car to deliver.


Gators vs South Carolina Game

Mom and RC haven't been to a Gator Game since the early 90's. Not sure the game was that exciting, but we still had fun! Go Gators!

Cameron, Maloy, Madeline & Michael

Cameron & Felicia's Campout

We got home from Gator Growl around midnight and Felicia was waiting at our house for a campout in the backyard. I was SO tired and not in the mood to figure out how to put up the tent she had FINALLY borrowed from her boyfriend. (Who knew it would take dating Gabe to find someone who owned a tent?) I went inside and left them to it. When I came out, they had it spread on the basketball court (concrete). Needless to say, I had to help. Their attitudes were CAN DO and they were laughing the entire time. Here's the finished product the next morning and sleeping beauty 1 and 2 . They said it was SO cold!

Happy 17th Maloy

Maloy turned 17 on October 16th. This is my miracle child who survived against all odds. She was born at 1 lb. 5 1/2 ounces and spent the first 4 months of her life in the NICU. They gave her a 50 % chance of living. This stubborn child chose to live and she does that everyday. I used to sit in her nursery and pray to just bring her home, no matter what was wrong with her. I can never thank God enough for allowing me to do just that. She walks to her own tune and doesn't know a stranger. She's 5 feet tall and weighs about 90 lbs. She got a car FINALLY for her birthday and I have to tell you that watching her drive away is one of life's scariest moments for me. I'm making her wash it too...which I think her and Elizabeth enjoyed thoroughly
She had a birthday lunch with friends at BJ's, a birthday dinner at her Grandma's while her Great-Grandpa was in town, and dinner at our house with Lizzie and Gia before Gator Growl. Happy 17th Sweet Angel!
Four Generations
Lizzie, Maloy, Gia and Gucci

Lizzie & Maloy washing each other instead of the car.