My Thanksgiving Helpers

Michael, Madeline & Cameron are all going through Confirmation this year. One of their service projects was to shop for local families. They were paired up with a partner, given a list, how many were in the family and an amount they could spend...then sent off! It was so awesome to see almost 50 kids walking around Publix, comparing prices, finding "buy one/get one", and being so excited at the amount of food they got to feed a family of 6 or 8 with less than $100. After Cameron's second trip around the store, she said "Grocery shopping is exhausting!".
Tell me about it!

Getting some help from Momma Sandra.

Alex & Cameron...neither one knew what margarine was...we call it butter!

Jessie & Michael...he got lucky since she knows how to shop!
Madeline took charge of her list!

Gabi, Felicia & Cameron...checking out the coupons.

Mike & Madeline dropping it off at the Church.

Kathryn, Madeline & Cameron...in the car to deliver.

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  1. Great project...on many levels!
    Proud of these kids!