Church with Ethan

We got home from China on March 5th and took Ethan to church the very next night. This picture is from the following week when Cameron, Madeline & Michael had Rite of Enrollment for Confirmation. I grabbed a quick kid pic while I had them all together.

Church hasn't been relaxing since we got home! :) We ask Ethan "What are we in church?" and he answers "Quiet". Well, he gets the quiet part (most of the time). He does not get the "still" part though. That, my friends, is a work in progress. He does love going up to put his money in the basket and giving Father Jeff a high five. Getting out of church now takes hours because everyone, and by that, I mean everyone, wants to stop and chat about Ethan. He adores being the center of attention...and he always is!

He does know that "God is good...all the time!" and it's so cute to hear him say it!

Birthday Party

Ethan turned 4 on March 14th...the day after Michael & Madeline turned 16. We didn't want to overwhelm him (not that we could), so we just had a family dinner and cupcakes. He LOVED it!

Why is Ethan not wearing the party hat?

Mike & Grandpa built him this jungle gym in 2 days. We could have built it before he got it, but Mike said he wanted Ethan to know it was "new" and for him. Such a sweetie!

The finished product! Way to go guys!

Where has the time gone?

Can you believe it's been almost 6 months since we brought home Ethan? We can't! It truly feels like he's been in our family forever! We ask ourselves every single day how we got so blessed. Ethan is simply AMAZING! In the past 6 months he's had play dates, sleepovers, gone tubing, built sand castles at the beach, eaten everything in site, learned to swim, started pre-school, forgotten all of his Chinese, started Chinese school to get it back, and gotten baptized! On top of that, we have 4 kids driving (3 juniors and 1 senior) and I went back to school to finish my nursing. Am I getting any forgiveness for not blogging? Yea...I didn't think so!

So...I'm going to start from 3/10/11...the day of my last blog, and post what's happened with pictures as if it just happened. Work with me until I catch up?

Love you all!