Where has the time gone?

Can you believe it's been almost 6 months since we brought home Ethan? We can't! It truly feels like he's been in our family forever! We ask ourselves every single day how we got so blessed. Ethan is simply AMAZING! In the past 6 months he's had play dates, sleepovers, gone tubing, built sand castles at the beach, eaten everything in site, learned to swim, started pre-school, forgotten all of his Chinese, started Chinese school to get it back, and gotten baptized! On top of that, we have 4 kids driving (3 juniors and 1 senior) and I went back to school to finish my nursing. Am I getting any forgiveness for not blogging? Yea...I didn't think so!

So...I'm going to start from 3/10/11...the day of my last blog, and post what's happened with pictures as if it just happened. Work with me until I catch up?

Love you all!

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