Ethan on a Harley

This child is CRAZY! My mom and dad ride Harley's...so of course, they had to show them to Ethan. He didn't want to see them...he wanted to RIDE them! (Don't stress out...my mom is OLD - just kidding mom- so she gave up her Fatboy for a Harley Trike). Ready to spoil him immediately, they said yes! He rode around the block and said "One more time". It was totally unplanned to stop by, so I didn't have my camera. Today, all he could say was "Gwama...motrcwycle"...SO cute! I called Grandma and Papa and (shocking) they said come on by. I told Ethan we had to go home and get the camera first...when we pulled in the driveway, he said "NOOOO". I said "Ethan, I'm just getting the camera." He said "OK". We pulled up at my mom's and he saw the motorcycle sitting there and he started saying "Where Gwama?" She put a do-rag (since I don't actually own a do-rag, I'm not exactly sure how to spell do-rag) on his head, sunglasses and a helmut that probably weighed as much as he did. She told him to hold on to the handles and not let go...then off they went.

The Cool DoRag

Sitting on Papa's Bike

God Bless America...or Ethan!

Ready to ride with Gwama
He is fearless! The cute thing to me is...with all the people he's met, he KNOWS his Grandma and Papa...because of the "motrcwycle"! They live a mile from our house...GREAT...as soon as he learns which way it is, I'm sure he'll just walk over there on his own!


  1. What a great set of grandparents!!! So happy to see Ethan so excited!!!

  2. Adorable Pictures!
    What fun for Ethan and Grandma and Papa!

  3. I guess I will try this again. I tried to post it and it disappeared! Its Magic!! Here goes!
    Tell Grandma and PaPa and Ethan that I want to come down and ride with them.Ethan is Quite the little man. Ethan,I Love you and Miss you,(and all the other kids too). When it is time to eat, do you fold your hands and tell Mama "Ready" like in PreSchool?
    God Bless Y'all for Loving him enough to go to Qingyundian and to where ever his orphanage was to finalize the papers and get him. I know that y'all will truely Love him and that you will Never be Sorry that you got him.
    God Bless and Watch Over Y'all
    From SW Missouri
    PaPa Gordon

  4. OH Yeah, I almost forgot, It is "Dew Rag"
    I love ya all.
    PaPa G

  5. This makes me smile... When Ethan was in China, he'd sometimes go on scooter rides around the parking lot with my husband, Jacob. He loved it then. So glad to know that he is getting to do it now! I enjoyed following your journey to bring Ethan home - he is a special little boy who stole my heart. You'll have to show him pictures of Cora on our blog - he met her when she was a few weeks old; he may like to see her now that she's a bit bigger! :)