Our Last Day in China

We enjoyed our last breakfast buffet this morning! Usually I eat cereal for breakfast...but these buffets have so many options and it all looks so good...I'm eating omelets, bacon, toast, cereal and donuts. Sometimes I throw in something Chinese that looks yummy. When I first got here, I thought...YES! I am gonna be so skinny when I get home! That plan didn't work out so well. For anyone coming to China...
you definitely won't starve!

We met Aron and left for the Liuhua Lake Park. The parks that we have seen are so peaceful and beautiful. What amazes me though, is that they are mainly used by the older generation. I think that's awesome...they exercise, sing, walk, chat with their friends, play games....all things that I'm sure keep them young and active. Very few children are seen running around the parks. Both that we visited had children's areas with rides, however you had to pay for them. Every activity for the adults was free.

Ethan loved the park and rode a few rides. He had to try everything. Sometimes he's very cautious and sometimes, he's a daredevil. It's always a toss up who he will choose for a ride with him...mama or baba. I got the bumper cars and baba got the flying umbrellas!
There were so many huge trees and Ethan was concerned that they may fall on him.
Aron dropped us off at the Island again. Ethan was concerned how we'd get home. Can you see he is concerned about many things. When I see him bite his nails, I wonder what is going through that little mind.

We found out that there are actually 2 Victory Hotels...the old one and the new one. I videotaped the lobby of the new one (Victory East) this morning, so if any of you are staying there you can see it.
We went back to our favorite little store for a couple more gifts, then lunch at Lucy's. Ethan finally got sweet and sour chicken...he LOVES it! I find it funny that you can find it on any menu in the states, but in China...I haven't seen it.

After his nap, I just couldn't face the playroom one more time...for this hotel being so beautiful, the playroom makes me feel (to quote my son) "yucky!" So we played in the room. We have a "time out" corner in our room (yes, Ethan has visited it)and Baba got put in it. No idea what he did!

Our last dinner is at our little Irish Pub we found...The Paddy Field! We are such creatures of habit when we find some place we like! The owner is SO sweet! He's been here 7 years with his wife and they have a little boy and little girl. YUMMY food!
Everything is packed and we are READY to go! Aron is picking us up at 5:45 AM to head to the airport. Our flight leaves at 8 AM for our 3 hour flight to Beijing. Then we leave at 4:35 PM for our 13 1/2 hour flight to Newark. We arrive in Newark the same day at 5:10 PM and leave for Jacksonville, Florida at 8 PM.
Praise God we are almost home!
The con's...LONG day, 3 year old with us. The pro's...business class (we have beds), they serve FREE wine (and a lot of it), and we are traveling at technically our night time. OK...I'm not stupid, the pro's are definitely outweighing the con's.

We ask God to watch over us on our journey home and to grant us patience when we need it most. Can't wait to get to Jacksonville and see our kid's smiling faces!
Love you all!
Mike, Tonya & Ethan

To see a video of our last day in China, click here


  1. I've really enjoyed following your journey! Many of your comments have made me laugh out loud! (Wine is a good thing!). Ethan is absolutely adorable!! He's going thru a big transition but you know he's been loved and cared for. The video of your Gotcha day was priceless!!! Your Great Wall climb was very inspirational!!!! We are waiting for LOA (day 37) for our 2 year old little guy in Beijing City. Best wishes and prayers for safe travels home.

  2. have enjoyed following your journey to ethan...our daughter is emma lael (addison from New Day) we were in china in september 2010...meet ethan what a sweet little boy...we left a large part of our hearts at new day....praying a good trip back to the states...cherish your alone time with your sweet boy...we are in our late 40's and are loving having a 3.5 year old again...GREAT for the soul!

    not sure if you remember but while we were at New Day Ethan was skyping you guys and i stepped in to say Hello!


  3. We have enjoyed following your journey, Ethan looks to be a very happy young man. Our daughter is at New Day now, and we will be there in 2 weeks to get her.

  4. I've really enjoyed following your trip. Each day, my little boy and I have watched your videos. Love your sense of humor. Ethan is adorable...congrats!!