Goodbye China...

What a 17 day whirlwind this has been! I can hardly believe it's over! I thank God for watching over us and watching over those we left behind. I trust in him everyday and cannot wait to see what his plans are for us!
View of the Lake

Outside of Lucys

Ethan and our guide, Aron
We have loved the entire experience of seeing Ethan's birth country and visiting the many landmarks they have here.
Owner of Paddy's
It is truly a beautiful country! The Chinese aren't that different from us...they are proud of their homeland, they love their children, they work very hard and enjoy their life.

The bonding we have been able to do with Ethan over the past 10 days has been priceless. Our son is amazing...he has his dad's kind heart and long eyelashes (quite unfair) and his mama's outgoing personality and sunny smile! (I think he got his Aunt Bonne's stubborness!) He is so inquisitive about so many things!

One thing that he has learned this week that totally cracks me up is to bargain. We'll say "Ethan 5 minutes." and he'll say "Two". We'll say "Ethan, 3 chips." and he'll say "One." He gets the concept, he's just so going in the wrong direction. We're always like..."OK, that's fine." And he just smiles.

I also love that reading time at night is with Baba.
Mikeworks long days, so I know that will be a special time for him and Ethan. He doesn't even bring me the book...just goes right to Mike and sits next to him and helps him read the story...so cute!

Seeing our faith passed on to him in such a short time amazes me. He knows we pray before we eat and he's the first to kneel at the bed when it's night night time. I cannot wait to bring him to Queen of Peace Catholic Community...just hope Father Jeff is ready for him!

Ethan goes to bed happy and he wakes up happy! We kiss him and hug him and say night night, turn off the light and he goes to sleep. First thing in the morning, he says "Mama" and opens his arms with a huge smile.

Watching Ethan see so much of the world for the first time is a joy! There is so much love for this child in our hearts...and even more waiting on him back home.

There are so many children, not only in this country, but also in ours, who need love and attention. Even if adoption isn't for you...find a way to make a difference in the life of a child! For our family and for Ethan...it's the quote from The Blind Side...
"Yes, we're changing this little boy's life....but he is FOREVER changing ours!"

Thank you for sharing this journey with Mike & I! We hope you enjoyed our blogs and our videos.
Stay tuned for many more updates in the life of the Meyer and Walsh families!

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