We haven't had a 4 year old in over 11 years
this child is busy!
(We are currently living for naptime!)
Ethan woke up at 6 AM and hasn't stopped since.

We went to the Tangwang PavillionThis is a place where the emperor would come to enjoy music and entertainment. It's on the river and they are building a subway on the other side. Ethan LOVED the music and dancing...it was the only time he sat still all day. 20 minutes...Praise God!

We ran into a family from our hotel and after talking, realized that they've been friends for over 50 years with a couple from our church...George & Joan Weiland. Small world!

Our guide is sweet as can be, but she's not great with the camera. This is the one pic you can see all of us. I'm the only one looking and Ethan is picking his nose.

After lunch, Mike & Ethan took a nap. I went to the spa where a Chinese massage was only 100 yuan...about 16 bucks! My nap was amazing and I can't wait for the next one!

We ventured out to a market area and bought some snacks! I promise you...walking on the streets is taking your life in your hands. The mopeds are crazier than the cars and they don't stop. We ran across the street to a bakery....videoed it so you could experience it too!
Everyone stares at us and Ethan...it is so weird being a foreigner! We always comment on "tourists"....now I'm the one with the camera around my neck taking pictures of everything! I just want to document as much as I can so that one day I can share Ethan's province with him.
Here is a glimpse of the Opera:

We experienced our first lobby meltdown after dinner. Mike took Ethan to see the fish while I signed the check. Ethan wanted to go up on the podium with the lady playing the piano...Mike said no. He started yelling and wanted to go find mama...Mike said if he was quiet. When I came around the corner, he reached for me with tears on his face.

Then, Elbowed baba in the elevator and tucked his lip in. Too funny!

He said, "Baba don't play!"

He was definitely testing the limits today...but we stayed strong!

As always, we give thanks to God for this journey, our new son, our children waiting at home and all of our friends and family!
We love and miss you all!
Mike, Tonya & Ethan
To see our video from the day, cick here

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  1. Ethan, you bring your new Baba home, and we'll get him in line! Have a good time on your first plane ride ever! We love you already and can't wait to meet you!

    Sherri and Tom