Ethan Says His ABCs

He is so cute!

Ethan's ABCs from Carrie McKean on Vimeo.


  1. I never get tired of seeing your little guy!

  2. So great to come across your blog. I was an intern at NDFH for 6 months (just got home last night!) It's funny because I took this video (and the picture of Ethan in your header bar!). Would love to follow your journey to bring your boy home! He's a smart, sweet boy. My email is jessgoestochina@gmail.com!

  3. Hi there, Tonya!!

    I came across your blog via a link through The Art of Living Designs, displaying your beautiful blog design! :) As soon as I seen Ethan's face, I just had to pop on over here. I've been wondering if his new family had a blog. He is such a special little guy.

    We traveled to NewDay mid-May, just days after your PA, to bring home our Khloe. Ethan is such a warm little guy, so sweet and charming!! He was SO proud of his new family, that he kept bringing your photo over to show us. It was just precious! I have some photos of him, that I would love to email you.

    It is such a blessing having all of these videos and pics before you travel ...as I'm sure you already know, that is a privilege that very few families who adopt from Chin@ ever get. I believe Ethan has the same nannies that Khloe had. I know he was like a brother to her, and she still likes to point out his photo in her special album we made her of her time at NewDay.

    Any idea when you will travel? I would love to follow along on your journey. Feel free to email me direct thomclan@cfaith.com ...I would love to send you the pics I have, though I'm sure you already have many! ...especially if you've been in touch with Jess (I seen her comment above!)...she blessed us with several photos of Khloe before we traveled, too.

    Congrats on being chosen as Ethan's new family... you are blessed indeed! <><

    ~Tanya (Khloe's Mama)