Meet Ethan's Best Friend Robert

Robert was born on October 9, 2006. He was abandoned at the gate of a local orphanage on March 9, 2007. When his birth parents couldn't be located, they admitted him into the hospital and diagnosed him with severe heart defect. He has already received 2 heart surgeries to repair his defect, and needs a third surgery. The organization that paid for his first two surgeries is no longer able to care for him. Due to his extensive medical needs, his home orphanage asked New Day to take him while he waits for his third surgery. He arrived on March 11, 2010. Robert is a strong-willed little boy who sometimes gets upset if he doesn't get his own way, but he loves to be praised and he's able to understand and communicate with adults.

August Update...

Robert is a bright and energetic boy who loves talking and laughing. He loves to talk to all the nannies. He has a good appetite which has helped him become healthier and healthier. He is also almost completely potty trained!
Robert loves going to preschool. He enjoys learning English, building with blocks, drawing pictures, and getting exercise. Robert also has a great memory. He remembers a lot of English words, when it’s time to exercise, and when it s time to go back to class. Robert especially enjoys playing with Ethan and Shaun. He often looks for toys to give to Shaun to make him happy. Robert likes to help the nannies to do some simple chores. When he is praised, he is very proud of himself!

September Update..

Robert is a very energetic and helpful little boy! Every day he helps the cooking nanny bring the food to the table and hands out the bibs, and he also helps find shoe covers and open doors for people. He loves to talk to whoever he can- and he asks lots of questions: “Do we have class today?”, “Is the teacher coming?”, “Where’s the nanny?”, “Is it time for class?”. He never runs out of questions to ask!
Robert is developing well also. He can dress and undress himself, and do lots of other little things. He loves to eat and is not a picky eater at all!

October Update...Robert loves to interact with his nanny- chatting with her and laughing with her often. He enjoys getting praise, and when he does he is very happy. Robert works hard in his therapies. He used to eat only with his right hand because his left hand was weak. However, now he is able to use it for many different things, and can open it up with help.
Robert is very self-reliant. He can put on his own pants, socks, and shoes by himself. He even can do it quickly. He also has a great memory. He loves to listen to stories from his nanny and truly enjoys going to class to learn English. He is a very happy boy.

Robert turned 4 on October 9th....Check out the pictures on New Day of him making his birthday wish! http://www.newdaycreations.com/foster/album/bday1010/pic.html

Robert wants a family...but he NEEDS a third heart surgery! I cannot even begin to imagine what this would cost in the United States, however, in Beijing, the cost is $10,000. If you would like to help pay for this or help sponsor Robert in anyway, please go to http://www.newdaycreations.com/foster/index.html and click on HOW TO HELP.

Tax-deductible donations to the medical/surgical fund can be made by check or on-line through PayPal. If you would like your contribution to go towards a specific child’s medical expenses, please e-mail us at foster@newdaycreations.com. Otherwise, your contribution will go where it’s most needed.

Thank you for anything you are able to do! Love, Tonya

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