I have a blog! How exciting is that?! I've been following numerous blogs and wishing I had my own, however...the whole "blog" concept was just beyond me. Thanks to my Angel on Earth...Erin and her very talented friend Jen...I now have the perfect blog with the perfect name! During our homestudy, we were told that we should have a story to share with Ethan. Madeline wrote our story about the stars and Ethan that night. And Jen incorporated into "Written in the stars"...see, perfect!
In reading everyone's blog...they all keep track of every date. I haven't been doing that. I know that we locked in Ethan on our way to the beach the end of April. And less than 4 days later, we got our pre-approval. We finished our homestudy and our parenting classes and FINALLY our I-800A was overnighted today! Now what? I have no idea...I just email Erin and she tells me what to do next. Told you she was an angel!
I will figure out how to add video and pictures and all that other cool stuff soon...for now, a post is pretty exciting!
Thank you Erin and Jen...I love my blog!


  1. Isn't this the perfect blog for you all? I love it too. Wish I could take a little of the credit, but it's all Jen.

    Ok...you need to add pictures.

    Love you all and so glad your son made his way to you all from so very far away.

  2. tonya,
    we are adopting from new day also...our daughter is emma on the web site and blog site...we are waiting for our LOA hope to travel to bring emma lael home in september sometime...on the blog she's under addison on the side bar with the kiddos names.

    love your blog..very nice!

    God bless,

  3. Hi Tonya! Love your blog. Congrats on your soon to be newest addition & for flying thru your dossier paperwork!!
    My name is Jenny & Erin is my friend too. You are right in saying she is an angel on earth! What a special lady she is. We have adopted from China twice & are working on our 3rd right now.
    New Day has grown to hold such a special place in my heart. I am amazed at all of the love and the many special people who flock there to care for these exceptional children.
    Take Care & I look forward to following your journey to little Ethan.


  4. Congratulations Tonya!!!! Ethan is just gorgeous! I'm so happy you found each other.


  5. Hey Tonya! What a great blog and wonderful way to share your little man with us! He is precious! I love you and cannot wait to meet him! Love-Traci