The Annual Cameron Shoot-Out

My mom has an annual Christmas tradition that we always celebrate on the 26th...
"The Annual Cameron Shoot-out". This was our 17th year and boy has it grown! She started giving "gag" gifts, and it was so funny, we kept on. Sometimes, the gift is actually really good, and sometimes it's just really funny. Last year, due to the economy, we started drawing names for a gift exchange. The only rule was, it had to be something you had or you made...you could not spend any money. This was the rule for mom's gag gifts as well. Everyone writes a letter to the person and reading them is always so creative. At the end of the day, we all sign the Christmas book. Cameron has started writing "dibs" on it, so I guess she's in competition with LaVonne and I for that book oneday. Thanks Grandma for making Christmas such a special memory for all of us! We love you!

Grandma and some of her babies

Madeline got an "EYE-pad"

Granny Di reads her letter

Susan got candles so she can relax after a busy day

Uncle Boo got a cigar...from Michael (who's not legal to buy one)

Michael reading his letter

Madline, Mike and Michael

Pam opened Karen's gift since she was sick...a picnic that included a dead plant (from last year's gift exchange)

Emma checks out Zander's gift

Maloy reads her loooooooong letter from Granny Di

Cameron got "protection" gear from all the boys

Emma, LaVonne, Zander and Jonathan

My girls!

Mom & RC with their girl's

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  1. I love it---Looks like fun!

    I hope you have more sets of the "protection gear"---ALL the girls need to wear this gear---at least until they are 21...