WE GOT TA!!!!!

I have no picture to go with this blog....but picture the excitement on my face when I got the call from Xiaoqing that we had FINALLY gotten TA! YAHOO!!!! We leave for China on February 16th and return home on March 3rd. I have never in my life been gone for 2 weeks, so I've been just a little stressed about that. However, I know our sweet boy is waiting half a world away for his mama and baba, and I have faith in God's plan for us. I'll keep you posted...and any of you that want pics from New Day...email me at tlm1967_2000@yahoo.com and let me know. Thank you for your prayers! We are truly so blessed! Love, Tonya


  1. Wonderful news!!! SO happy for you & your family.

    Jenny- from Atlanta

  2. Oh Tanya, I am SO happy for you. I can guarantee Ethan is going to be SO excited too. He has been waiting a long time for his mommy to get him. I cannot wait to follow your journey.

  3. Oh Tonya, I guess I asked the travel question in my last comment too soon! I don't think my dashboard has been updating your posts, so I missed several of them, including this BIG NEWS!! YEAH! SO happy for you and especially for Ethan ~ it is TIME, time for all of you to be united as a family. Will be praying for the transition to go well. I just KNOW it will. Enjoy your time at NewDay ~ and prepare to leave a BIG piece of your heart there... it's inevitable!! ;) God bless you all! <><