Socks for the Homeless

One of my favorate holiday traditions is stuffing the socks for the homeless at Granny Di's! We all bring something...toiletries, cards, books, snacks, batteries/flashlights...whatever we think they could use. Then we stuff as much as we can into a tube sock (including the other tube sock), and tie it with a stuffed animal. They look so cute and Arupa from the HomeVan tells us how much they look forward to them every year. I cannot imagine being homeless, but my brother has been. I am so thankful to Dianne for organizing this every year and helping to teach our children about those less fortunate than us and making a difference.

A cup of cider or hot cocoa to start off the morning with Grandma.

Mom, LaVonne and Dad...start off the color coordination picture

Susan and I got the plum memo

RC, Mike, Maloy and Granny Di chose blue

Everyone getting directions

We may have to separate Pam and LaVonne next year...they had entirely too much fun!

Dianne and Karen passing out supplies

The fun and busy stuffing table

Zander, Cameron & Maloy show off their fancy stuffed socks

Here's our box ready to go!

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