New Year's Eve 2010

Mike & I's 3 year anniversary was on New Year's Eve. Normally, we stay home and celebrate with the kids and their friends. This year, we decided to go out! Our party didn't start until 9 PM (my bedtime)! We had a great time with our friends, Tom & Sherri (Ethan's GodParent's) and actually made it to midnight! The kids had about 25 friends over for a party at home. I am extremely thankful that we have 4 wonderful children who have amazing friends...no adult supevision and they had so much fun. (Of course we did still count the beers in the fridge) They played Just Dance 2 and Glee Sing It on the Wii, and by the time we got home...the girl's were out of their party dresses, in running shorts and t-shirts, and jumping in the pool!
2010 had some stressful times for our family...however our faith in God and our love for one another is what makes realize how very blessed we are! We wish everyone a Happy 2011!
Next year...we're staying home!
The Party Table at the front door
Mama and her girls

A bunch of sparkle in Cameron's room before the party starts

Around the pool for some dancing

Mike & I at Sabore
Almost midnight...check out my shades

Sherri & Tom reading to ring in 2011

The crew when we got home

Happy New Year 2011

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