Behind the Smile

Look at that sweet smile on Jace's face...you can just see the love and mischief behind it! Here's Jace's update for January...
"Recently, Jace has been doing very well. He has a good appetite, and his height and weight has increased a lot. He needs another heart surgery, but he is not panting as much as he was before. He is very cooperative with his rehabilitation. He likes to wear his new foot hold, and can even put on his own hand hold. He can also put on his own shoes. Jace likes school. He loves to hear the teacher telling stories, and he enjoys playing with blocks, puzzles and paint. He can remember the schedule for the day. He also enjoys playing sports. He enjoys helping mom do the little things. When he is complimented, he is SO happy!"

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  1. It's SO good to read your sponsorship update on Robert (now Jace!! ~ YEAH!!!!!) I'm glad to hear that he isn't panting so much anymore. When we were there 8 mos ago bringing our Khloe home, he panted SO much, it just broke my heart. He always wanted me to carry him around. I know he needs another surgery and we will certainly continue praying for him and his new family. I BAWLED tears of joy for him when I found out the exciting news. We have been praying for his family to find him since we left NewDay. He was always SO excited for everyone else when they were matched, so I couldn't wait for the day he had his own family to show off. I remember that very week we arrived was the week that Ethan received his photo of all of you... Jace helped him show off the photo over and over and over again. He was 'almost' as proud as Ethan was!! SO cute! :)

    Good to see you on here blogging again. I need to get back into myself now. I'm been HORRIBLE lately. I have a post in the works though, so it will be soon!! :)

    Can't wait to watch your travels to Ethan... are they coming up soon?

    Blessings and hugs,
    ~ Tanya