Ethan The Politician

Look at my sweet boy! He looks like a little politician as he gives a speech at New Day's Sponsor Party. He has the microphone, tie and a snazzy new haircut, and his running mates beside him! I can't believe in 20 days I get to see him and hold him for the first time!
Here's what his update said...
"Ethan is smart, sweet, handsome and mature. He is very pleased to help others, for example, he helps his brother Robert (Jace) to wear socks and shoes, helps Samuel to wear pants, and tidies up the game room. Doing something for mom everyday makes him happy. (I told my girls to take note of that!) Ethan listens to the teacher in class attentively, he concentrates well on doing puzzles and building blocks. He can also now talk with his English teacher and is learning fast. Ethan attaches great importance to the gifts which others gave him, and looks after them well. He has received many gifts for Christmas. He keeps these gifts carefully and says to Mom: "It's from grandparents, it's from aunts, and it's from sisters...it's from American adopted mom and dad."
Ethan is good with Robert; they are best mates. They always play together, like to wear the same clothes, and look like a pair of twins!"

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  1. Wow Tonya! That was your last monthly report. Can you believe it?
    I know how wonderful those are to get ~ totally brightened my day today to read about my boy too.