Ethan's Update

DECEMBER 2010 Update
We have seen some big achievements in Ethan this month. Ethan is very attentive during class and loves to concentrate on challenging tasks. Ethan is interested in all sorts of puzzles and building blocks. He has also learned the concept of numbers and can count consecutively. He knows his own age, his Chinese and English name. He can do a series of sports such as running and ride cycles in a circle. He can even take another kid on his bike and say "Look, I can carry others!" with great pride. It is so great to see how well Ethan is learning and developing - he seems to be growing up so quickly.

Our sweet boy IS growing up so quickly! I can't believe it's been 8 months since I first saw his sweet little face. We are waiting on Travel Approval to come any day now, and hoping to be able to go to China the end of February.
If you want to check out more pictures of Ethan, go to the New Day website at www.newdaycreations.com/foster and check out their Scrapbook.


  1. Aren't those updates the best? I start getting excited around the 20th of each month, wondering which day I'll be blessed with new information about our little guy.
    I look forward to following you guys on your trip. (of course hoping just a tiny bit that you'll catch a picture or two of my little guy in the background...)
    Hope your TA comes SOON!

  2. I remember when i would get an update on emma lael from new day it was like christmas when I was a child...Praying your TA comes ASAP...I want to go back to new day so badly it is a little piece of heaven and a piece of my heart was left at new day.
    Can't wait to follow you to china to get your baby boy. He is so cute.
    God bless